Forestry Inventory

TTG counts on a qualified team, validated methods, and innovative technologies to ensure the highest efficiency and transparency in planning and performing forestry inventories.

We currently monitor over 150,000 ha of Eucalyptus and Pinus, in 5 Brazilian states (MG, MS, PR, SC, and SP), using continuous forest inventory (CFI). We also provide timber to the main companies in Brazilian forestry market, based on Pre-Cut Forest Inventory (PCI). We count on:

  • Selection, quotation, and management of service providers;
  • Planning and implementation of CFI and PCI;
  • Analytical reports on available timber stock and forecasts on forestry assets growth.

Forestry Certification

Why is it important to have a forest certified?
Having a social and environmental forestry certificate assures the timber used in given products comes from a production process that has been managed so as to be ecofriendly, socially fair, and economically viable, respecting principles and criteria far beyond law compliance.

How do we do it?
TTG provides its customers with a precise diagnostic, pre-certification assessment, and continuous consultancy for developing an action plan and improving processes. After obtaining the seal, we prepare the management plan and the public statement, organize documents to be presented during the audit, follow up communication with auditors, and offer complete support during annual maintenance audits. For doing all this, we work in:

  • Pre-certification diagnostic and certifying body definition;
  • Development of management plan, documents, and certification procedures;
  • Follow-up and support in certification audits and annual maintenance audits after certificate obtainment;
  • Monitoring and environmental and social diagnostic for compliance with the certification principles and criteria;
  • Document and sector management on occupational health and safety;
  • Use of efficient management systems.

Market Intelligence

TTG Brasil counts on professionals with a vast experience on assets negotiations in Brazil and Latin America.

Such practical experience, together with a comprehensive relationship group, market monitoring, and effective participation in sectorial associations, makes TTG the best choice for keeping you updated on the movements of markets that use timber as their raw material source.

We are ready to provide consultancy on new acquisitions, leasing, or partnerships involving forestry assets.

  • Assets prospecting (lands and forests);
  • Technical due diligence;
  • Market opinion.

Strategic Management

TTG is experienced in assessing lands and forests (planted and native ones), using the most advanced and adequate models for leveraging the maximum potential of given areas. The result of such practice is the maximum return on your investments.

Our team of experts have the knowledge needed for systemically analyzing forestry assets and determining the best business model so it can provide the maximum return on the investment made. We offer:

  • Assessment of assets for forestry development formation;
  • Recommendation on management, genetic material, and fertilization;
  • Plan on timber provision and planting;
  • Financial analysis on investment return.

Real Estate Management

TTG counts on a team of experts in rural land management, settling their status, when needed (case-by-case analysis), and assuring total control over quantitative methods, spatial analysis, property ownership, information updating before competent bodies, and payment of related taxes.

Using the most advanced techniques and systems available in the market, we make a spatial representation of properties, counting on a team of experts to carry out different analysis regarding forestry assets and manage real estate documents related to each property.

  • Mapping, sensing, spatial analysis, thematic maps (GIS), georeferencing;
  • Forestry registration management;
  • Document management (ITR, CCIR, CAR, CAFIR, document rectification).

Operations Management

TTG Brasil helps investors in the tactical, technical and operations management of their developments, using the best practices on management and the best forestry management tools in the market.

We count on a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, with professionals who have worked for over 30 years in Brazilian forestry market. Our experience allows us to provide our customers with high-standard services, creating fit recommendations and solutions for obtaining the best benefit from investments.

  • Technical and operations management;l
  • Service providers management;
  • Strategical planning;
  • Tactical planning;
  • Operations planning;
  • Result follow-up reports;
  • Property security.

Environmental Management

We are ready to help in all environmental regulatory processes, based on the definition of the best strategies for the business type, size, and location.

We develop studies, projects, and social and environmental programs, in addition to contacting the relevant environmental body, performing plans, presenting reports, and following deadlines given.

  • Environmental Impact Study and Environmental Impact Report (EIA-RIMA), Environmental Control Plan (PCA), speleology, archeology etc.;
  • Contact with state and federal environmental bodies;
  • Obtainment of licenses needed for activities;
  • Management of environmental licensing conditioning compliance;
  • Monitoring of different fields for compliance with environmental licensing conditioning;
  • Development of reports on activity implementation and result follow-up.
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